About – George Vilagut

pay someone to do my essay to essaydragon.comAs the founder and executive director of StepHouse Recovery Center in Orange County, George Vilagut bring years of administrative and managerial experience in both residential and outpatient settings.  He considers it his life’s mission to empower others in their personal, professional and spiritual lives, especially for those who have been subject to the miseries of drug abuse, alcoholism, trauma, depression and anxiety.

George is a graduate of California State University Fullerton as well as a DLCAS-certified Addiction Specialist, with a primary focus on helping others understand the neuropsychological aspects of addiction, as they are foundational to StepHouse Recovery’s treatment methods.  He works  and keeps in close contact with individuals, families and organizations to be sure that every personal and legal challenge  is taken care of. George Vilagut strongly believes  in early detection, comprehensive treatment and long-term monitoring when it comes to the longevity of mental health and substance abuse treatments.

It was in March 2010 that he started a men’s residential sober living program. Since then, StepHouse Recovery Center has grown into a structured, extended-care facility that rebuilds lives through phased reintegration. In 2012, George opened a transitional treatment program specifically for women, with a focus on creating a safe environment and outlet for women that have been through trauma and abuse as well.

In 2013, George Vilagut was finally able to open up a licensed Intensive Outpatient Center in Fountain Valley, which was able to provide StepHouse Recovery residents and other community members with day and evening treatments.  It is currently a fully operational addiction treatment and healing center, one that provides patients multiple treatment modules and options, a highly trained and multidisciplinary staff, addiction and neuropsychological education, life-skills training, one-on-one and group therapy sessions, drug detox and residential facilities as well as transportation to and from extended care homes.